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Giving all kids the same equal tools to learn and advance in their learning years. 

ABOUT Restart

We are a Frisco organization focused on revolutionizing the access to laptops and computers to the unfortunate children across the world by providing an extremely valued alternative of refurbishing older devices. This entails receiving the laptops from larger companies as well as the public and refurbishing them to be donated to a variety of shelters everywhere. We will be doing this by purchasing the specific components of each computer that need to be replaced, fixing it ourselves, and then shipping or dropping off the packages to the shelters that we are in contact with.

Meet the founders

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rania khan

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Rania Khan is a freshman at Heritage High School with a strong passion for innovation. This fueled her to file for a patent for her invention that protects public spaces from mass shootings. Additionally, Rania expresses her artistic side and leadership skills through her business 17 degrees and active role in her school's theatre department.

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rohan nayak

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Rohan Nayak is a 17-year-old senior who attends the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science as a junior, majoring in computer science. He participates in hackathons and additional computer science research in his free time. He is very passionate about working to bring equal opportunities to everyone.

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